Thank you for visiting my blog page. Each month I'll tell you a little about how work is going and probably talk about my dogs!  I'll try and give you a top tip or a snippet of information from my month that's been interesting to me. I always love to chat about photography so don't be afraid to comment or get in touch and we can all share what works for us - and maybe what doesn't!  I have a studio in Gawcott (near Buckingham) plus I do location work for families and businesses and I'd love you to think of me for your photography needs.

Want Amazing Property Photos? Here’s 5 Simple Tips on How to Prepare

July 16, 2021  •  Leave a Comment
Whether you’re selling your house or renting it out for holidays, getting someone to pick your property can have a lot to do with your pictures. Anyone looking at property online – or in an estate agents window - can be easily wowed by the right images, which is why professional photography is so important. Whoever you have taking the photographs...
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Location Shoots – I’m Allowed Out

May 21, 2021  •  Leave a Comment
One of the joys of Spring, for me, is the chance to get out into the sunshine with my camera. (Obviously I take my camera out in the colder months, but I’m less likely to have company when it’s wet and muddy.) As the weather starts to settle (let’s be positive here!), I can book in your photoshoots with a reasonable expectation of sunshine, so let...
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I'm still here! Another 'funny' year but here's a brief update.

April 12, 2021  •  Leave a Comment
It feels like a while since I was here, and that’s because it is. All the way back in 2020 (I won’t ask if you remember it…). I always take some time out at the start of the year to review, plan, explore and play: it felt good to have some time out to focus on me and the business, including my hopes for LC Photography for this year. When allowed...
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Well, That’s 2020 Done Then… almost

December 16, 2020  •  Leave a Comment
Building Businesses with Branding Yes, things are winding down now, but it’s been a busy month or two. I’ve worked on some fab branding shoots – taking advantage of the beautiful autumn/winter light as well as some stunning locations. First I’m going to tell you about Naomi Evans. Naomi is a family law solicitor in Milton Keynes, she’s been he...
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October, November: The Golden Season?

November 17, 2020  •  Leave a Comment
Image and Reflections Well we’ve made it to November and we’re keeping going – let’s enjoy Autumn while it’s here! At this time of year I’m always busy doing nursery shoots – I love them! And this year, although it’s been different, it’s been just as much fun. Because of restrictions, these shoots have been mostly happening outdoors - and who d...
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