October, November: The Golden Season?

November 17, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Image and Reflections

Well we’ve made it to November and we’re keeping going – let’s enjoy Autumn while it’s here!


At this time of year I’m always busy doing nursery shoots – I love them! And this year, although it’s been different, it’s been just as much fun. Because of restrictions, these shoots have been mostly happening outdoors - and who doesn’t love it when little ones get out in wellies and warm stuff, kicking the leaves about? 

If your small person didn’t get their usual school or nursery shoot this year and you don’t want to miss that annual marker of their growth, maybe you’d like to do your own location shoot in this gorgeous Autumn light.  Or get your nursery or primary school to book me for next year!

And, while we’re talking about Autumn light, isn’t it amazing. The golden hours have moved to times we can manage – currently around 8am and 3pm – meaning getting out at the right time is much easier. Just be careful with shadows, they may be darker than you think and the weather really affects that light. Be ready to rethink your timings.


I may well have experienced my favourite job ever in October – if you’ve worked with me before, think of this more as a challenge than a criticism. 

Working with a client looking to do some eclectic and exciting branding shots in varied locations, we certainly managed that. We started off with some bright, contemporary, industrial shots at the Icon Centre in Northants, a fantastic building with a variety of spaces which worked beautifully. 

This was followed by a complete change of pace at the stunning Fawsley Hall, using the Tudor Great Hall to bring some opulence to our shoot. The contrast for the product shoot worked brilliantly (and so did having Mo available for our refreshment needs - amazing service), then the afternoon tea which finished the shoot was perfection! 

In fact, if you want to get onto my list of – best jobs ever – afternoon tea may be the way to do that. Just a suggestion.


We’ve been having a lot of fun with mini photo shoots in the last couple of months, the Christmas ones are finished now but if you want to get your bubble together outdoors we can still arrange outdoor sessions for after lockdown. I’m also planning some new things for 2021, you’ll have to wait and see.


So, who’s thinking about Christmas gifts? Maybe you’re thinking about a print or product from a previous shoot, get in touch to find out what’s available and when to order – those special memories make amazing presents. You might also consider gift vouchers, helping those you love to make some great memories in 2021.

And what about those who are working to build their business? Maybe you could treat someone to a headshot shoot – it’s a great way for a growing business to celebrate a New Year.


November’s top tip:

Let’s finish off with this month’s top tip – and for once I’m following the rules.

I’m not someone who follows rules without question, there are often good reasons to test those boundaries and even break some rules. But, there is one rule which I very rarely broach – the rule of thirds.

Imagine a 3 x 3 grid on the image you’re taking (you may not have to imagine, some cameras have the option to include it on your display). Your eye will be drawn to the intersections of these lines and these lines provide the right balance when framing your picture. 

Make sure then, you include points of interest on these lines or at these points of intersection, to draw people in. This may be having the horizon across a horizontal line, a tree or building on the vertical or one of your objects of interest at the intersection – play about to see how this can work for you.  


Well, things keep changing for all of us, November isn’t looking to be what I expected and who knows what we’ll see in December, but I’m glad that I’m sharing this space with you.

Talk soon, L.




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