The month the world changed.

March 31, 2020  •  1 Comment

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Well, hasn’t March been a rollercoaster! I certainly could never have imagined it ending the way it has…but it started off brilliantly so my blog is a bit of a mixed bag!


I had the most amazing time doing a photoshoot for tribute act, Dua Lipa. We got really creative with some of the setups, and it really pushed me out of my comfort zone, which was fantastic! 


My school photoshoots have begun, as well. The first one was with a preschool, and we did it outside – which is always a bit of a gamble with our weather, especially at this time of year – but the children loved being outside. I usually wrap up warm in my ski gear for outdoor shoots, and this one was no exception! I’m looking forward to getting feedback from the parents which may be in some time as they closed the following week. If your little ones are at ‘The Ark’ in Padbury get in touch and I can sort your proof cards digitally for you.  My next one was due to be in Hemel Hempstead, which I’ve done before – it’s always lovely to be asked back but that is well and truly on hold. I’ll also be doing some bespoke images for a local primary school to use on their website and social media when business life returns. 


Russell and Butler have kept me busy as always, but I’ve also done a couple of private property shoots for AirBnB listings, and a private letting as well. It gives me great pride to help owners to present their beautiful properties in the best way possible, so the potential buyers or customers can see all the reasons they fell in love with it in the first place. With the closures I’m missing all my clients and especially Russell and Butler as we speak most days.  They are such a great team and are pulling together now which is lovely to see.


And now for something completely different: I’ve got a lifestyle shoot on the agenda for a manufacturer of swim pants and training pants. I have a feeling this one’s going to get lively! This is where my contacts work so well as my nursery shoot provided me with a great little model! Itching to get back to work and crack on with this one. I managed to get one last product shoot in before closures and ‘Vivid Violet’ can be found on facebook and Instagram as well as a website to order gorgeous bespoke tote bags etc from.


In my home life number 2 child turned 21 this month, so he came back home for cake before flying off to Budapest (just before planes stopped flying) as his present from his fiancée for a long weekend.  Sadly their wedding has been postponed but in the grand scale of things we can handle that.  Number 1 boy managed to get back at the end of month before travel stopped, he’s been working in Switzerland. Girl child has had A levels cancelled but has kept studying and has optimistically applied for halls at her choice of University - watch this space. Littlest one is home schooling for now and I have never appreciated his school more. Mrs S, if you’re ready, THANK YOU. Plus I now know I could NEVER be a teacher!! Enough said on that one….


Before my tip I’d just like to thank all my clients who have sent orders in, all my new people who have ordered vouchers for when we can work again and to everyone who has stayed in touch.  This is when you know you have it good, a home, a family, people who care.  I am so grateful and I hope I am doing my bit in return.  Lots of offers for when I’m back so keep following me on social media.  Keep calm, stay kind, carry on.


Camera tip of the month: it’s a basic one, but it’s really handy to know if you don’t already. In low temperatures, your camera may just stop working. Put it in your jacket to warm up, and/or carry spare batteries in your clothes rather than your bag, which will keep them that bit warmer, and ready to go if the one in the camera fails. My Dad told me that years and years ago, and it saved me at a wedding once. Thanks Dad!



Wendy Wastie(non-registered)
That’s a great blog Laura! I’m so pleased to see that your customers are supporting you during this enforced downtime. We will all need to rally round and pick each other up when the time comes. Thank you again for the amazing photos you took of my products. I really appreciate having such a professional portfolio for my first collection.
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