LC photography April Blog - living and learning in lockdown

April 30, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

A quick blog this month as work wise not a lot has been going on.  I've been keeping in touch with my network, mostly via zoom.  Then a bit of online learning in photoshop for me and revisiting images and creating some new looks for the studio when I return.  I post most of them on instagram or facebook so make sure you click my social media links and follow me.  (I feel like one of the you tubers I keep hearing on my youngest's iPad encouraging him to 'subscribe, subscribe' - just do what you're happy with).  Baby H's order went out and his image is the blog image this month, that baby totally captured my heart and I love that I see his little face all over my instagram as I follow Mum and Dad.  He's an absolute beauty.

Now we seem to have a bit more info on Covid-19 I'm confident offering shoots for empty properties for agents, Airbnb, etc but I do have a list of requirements and there will be new processes in place - oh and some product photography can come back!  Unfortunately it's too soon to rebook the brownie lady in, I can't tell you how sad that makes me!  Other than that I'm working on the price list, accounts and, hopefully, a new website.  

I'm slightly worried that my brain has officially turned off! All those 'second nature' things have disappeared from my mind.  I fear I'll have to ease myself, carefully, back into work as it was, does anyone else feel the same?  To keep those little grey cells going I did write an article for Toddle About regarding  'bumps, babies and sitters' in lockdown - well the photography side of it anyway.  If you fancy a read it's over at how-to-take-great-photos-of-bumps-or-babies-indoors-during-a-lockdown - my model was beautiful (the husband sporting cushion bump) and it was fun working on iPhone images for a change.  So that article is your top tips for April but if you want any extra help just get in touch - my chat is free!

Stay Safe people, hope to see you all soon. I miss you guys!



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