May: a Slightly Manic Month

June 02, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Writing these blogs is a great opportunity for me to review what’s been happening here at LC Photography. I’m finding that even when I feel like things have been quiet and uneventful, a quick look at my diary for the month can show a very different reality.


I’d originally thought there wasn’t much to say this month - I’ve been working on my website (so exciting) and catching up on admin, trying to get on the top of my to-do list (I will get there one day!) But it turns out this is only a small part of what’s been going on. 


There’s been lots of networking this month – I’ve been visiting new groups and making new connections – these meetings are great as telling people about my business gives me a great opportunity to think about what I love about it and what I can do to reach more people. I have some exciting things planned for a post-lockdown 'comeback' including professional headshots with make-up and hair included on the day. I think this sounds like great fun – what do you think?


Earlier on in the year, I was able to spend some time with the friendly and helpful team at Arnold Thomson – a solicitor with offices in Towcester and Market Harborough. Producing the photographs for their new website was great and I’m thrilled to see the website has been launched this month here.  This website photography gave me an opportunity to work with Space Five Creative who produced the site, I found them a very impressive company and worth checking out. Looking at the site now has reminded me of the importance of the input I get from my clients, from the team at Arnold Thomson I was given a very clear directive which really helps ensure we produce images that make everyone happy.


May also brought the exciting prospect of being able to get back to property photography (obviously only where it's safe to do so). I’ve never been so excited to get a job in and it made me think, if property owners are ready to get their properties back onto listing sites like Airbnb and, maybe it’s not ridiculous to be thinking about holidays!


I’ve been doing some interesting bits and pieces with an advertising company lately. They want to ensure their advertising is unique and stands out so we’ve created templates into which they can drop their artwork with the images I created meaning their advertising is ready to go. If you are interested in using bespoke photography for your advertising, why don’t you see if I could help. And this leads me nicely into my top tip... 


Take a different angle. 

There's a big trend right now for 'flatlays' in product photography – you know the thing, a product laid flat and photographed from above. I remember when I started my photography work 18 years ago, taking pictures of children looking up from the floor was a new thing – 18 years ago! It’s funny how these things come around.  


When taking your own photos, consider getting your subject – whether it’s a child, a pet or a product - outside on a cloudy day, taking the photograph down on them from above. Make sure you get completely level with the object of your picture and shoot straight down. You need to be careful not to block the light source, and may need to move around to achieve this as it's not always obvious where it is on a cloudy day. So, that’s my tip for creating your own flatlay, I’d love to see yours – do share your images with me...


Let’s finish off with some personal stuff. 

Although I’m not vegan, I’ve been really enjoying plantyou on Instagram, there are some really easy recipes - and a lot are non-bake which suits my impulsive side.  Home schooling the youngest has fitted in surprising well to my workday, although I did get some maths wrong which was a worry as he's only 9. 


No 2 child bought a house and managed to get everything through at the beginning of lockdown, unfortunately that means I have to wait to see it but in the meantime he can make use of his impressive DIY skills before we visit. Child No 1 is staying with me along with his Croatian girlfriend who is stuck here, it’s great for us though as we love her and I’m thoroughly enjoying the girly chat. No 3 is being incredibly motivated and adding to her university application points (UCAS) by doing an online ECDL qualification, there’s a link here for any upper sixth people or parents who may be interested  We're not sure if they will add to her overall points but it shows willing!


So really there’s been a bit more going on this month than I initally thought and I’m loving being able to share good news with you. I hope you are enjoying the positives in your world too, let me know how you’re getting on and I’d particularly love to see any flatlays or other examples of overhead photographs you try this month. 







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