Sort of June: It’s Not Normal but Who Needs Normal Anyway

July 09, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Well, back again so quickly.


It’s like time is following it’s own pattern right now, some weeks are flying quicker than Concorde (remember that!) while through others I feel like I’m struggling along on a unicycle (I don't remember those!!). Nevermind, I’m not going to mention a new normal as I’m not sure normal has ever really featured here anyway. 


Property work has EXPLODED! I’ve had so many jobs for Russell and Butler estate agents, it’s exciting to see things selling so quickly and lettings have been equally busy. I love how Russell and Butler have realised the value of professional photography, it saves them so much time and the resulting images really stand out compared to other agents online. I also brushed up some rusty skills to create a floorplan for them – something I trained to do in a past life – it can be fun renewing not-yet-forgotten skills but I’m in no rush to add these to my price list.



The studio reopened on June 15th - but I'm taking it slowly. I've got some work to do to clearing props away, so I’m having some carpentry done by LJC carpentry from Akeley - hopefully that will get me sorted.  


This weekend I have around 40 baby bottles to photograph as packshots. I'm SOOO looking forward to my alone time in the studio and am already planning the playlist. I have eclectic taste so it could be anything from Buddy Holly to Red Hot Chilli Peppers, or maybe a bit of Rachmaninoff might be on!


I’ve been getting some location shoots booked in too – there are some beautiful spots locally where socially distancing won’t be a problem! I visited Long Furlong Farm in Northants, it’s great to add such a stunning venue to my list. Are there any venues you’ve visited in Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire or Oxfordshire in over the last year or two which I should explore?


I’m sad to be saying goodbye to one of my American clients as they leave their UK base this month, we're doing a shoot at Evenley to provide a perfect ending – let’s just hope the weather is on our side. (update - it was!! see blog shot)


The new website is well underway, with quite a different look than you'll be used to from me.  Of course, I’m picking lots of new images to include so I can show you everything I’m working on. So excited!  


June’s top tip:

Back up your images! Better yet - print them as well.  


We're all guilty of it, we assume the magic cloud is looking after everything but is it? 


We often set up our phone settings to sweep our photos straight into the cloud, but with actual cameras – compacts and upwards - we have a tendency to copy the memory stick to the laptop and forget about it.  I use an Apollo hard drive as well as a separate Apple hard drive AND iCloud backup.  But then it's my job so... 


Now that your photographs are safe, you could leave them there on your hard drive collecting digital dust – but that’s not what photos are for. 


Every year I pick my favourite phone shots and make a yearbook with Chatbooks, they have amazing customer support and having a physical book to flick through always brings a smile. With my own family pro-shots - I'm ruthless! I pick my favourites and print them onto wall pieces. It's a great way of ‘Quality Controlling’ the products my clients buy – what better excuse do I need. And, one of my lovely suppliers has just added aluminium to his printing skills, I NEED one. I'll get a studio sample too, so you’ll have to come in and see it! 🙂


That’s your challenge then, dig out your camera and see what’s been left on the memory card – I wonder who’ll find lost photos of a forgotten party or day trip. And when they’re all backed up, maybe you’ll put together a photobook from those newly restored memories – I’d love to see what you find.




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