July, August, Sept: Through Changing Seasons

September 25, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

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Hello again, it’s great to see you visiting the blog – I hope you’re keeping well, I always mean that and right now more so than ever!

I’ve had a very busy few months and, do you know what, I’ve been loving it.


During August I was visited by some wonderful clients looking to create memories with their families in our Studio Photoshoots. 

Before the shoot we always discuss what the family wants and talk about the importance of creating images which reflect them, which they’ll love. I often encourage people to bring things from home, objects or props which mean something to them or will help them create the picture they’re looking for. Having objects with us in the studio can help to create your space and your moment as well as helping me find out more about you. 

One particular visitor did surprise me though. When the Land Rover pulled up outside the studio that wasn’t unusual, but when the driver opened the passenger door and I saw an armchair perched on top of an elderly mother (who was very happy I might add) I was taken aback for a moment and did have a good giggle at it. It didn’t take long to get everyone – and everything – into the studio and the resulting photographs were a triumph. It just shows, if it’s important to you, it’s worth including in the shot!

Doing such amazing shoots in the studio this season, got me thinking about why I do what I do. Everyone who comes into my studio is an individual – even in a family shoot, each person will be looking for different things from the experience (some of the teenagers are just looking forward to the end of it, but do you know what they're my speciality and always seem to end up wanting to join in more). 

And, this is why each photoshoot I do is different.

My response to each person who walks into the studio will be unique and focused on capturing them in a moment. I work to understand what you want reflected from the session, how you will remember it. Only once I’ve recognised the quality you want captured; can I create your images for you. And each of these photographs will be special.


I’ve also been fortunate to work with some great businesses over the summer including using the studio for Product Photography – beard stencils and washable baby wipes. Who’d have thought it!

And then there’s been the Business Portrait Shoots and Headshots. Lucienne Shakir http://luciennecoaching.com/ is a life coach, helping female executives have a life to love – and I loved helping her create images which will support her in her business and a new website launch in November, she's definitely one to watch.  Keeping with the ladies I also photographed Caroline Vooght from @CVbynameCVbynature (on facebook) and what a great response to the covid worries she's had, she writes amazing CV's and is having great success getting people in to roles they deserve.

Summer has also seen my Property Photoshoots continue at a pace. Russell&Butler  have been incredibly busy with both property sales and lettings, working with them is such a great opportunity for me. Obviously, I’m happy to be working with a company who appreciates the value of my professional images, but more than that they provide such great value to those clients whose property they are managing. It’s a fantastic team to work with.


Looking forward, as the seasons are indeed changing, I know that some of you will be thinking about the annual tradition of school photographs. Because of new restrictions and the complexity of managing these rules within schools and nurseries, a number of you won’t be getting your official photo for 2020. If you want to make sure you don’t miss out – or if you just want to make sure you get the right shot – I’ll be offering studio shots for your child at a special price this year. Keep an eye out on social media to make sure you don’t miss out or email/call.


September’s top tip:

We’ll finish off with the top tip for this month – and it’s for those of you who are worried about lengthening shadows.

When you can’t find the right lighting for your shot, find something which reflects the light you do have to eliminate unwanted shadows. Whether you’re outside and unable to control the elements, or in a photobooth and struggling with a shaded face, a lightly reflecting surface can make all the difference. A piece of white card, paper or even a carrier bag, can be used to reflect light (normally up) pushing those shadows away.

Don’t let the darker days spoil your photos, if the light isn’t where you want it to be – reflect it! And do let me know how you get on.




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