Find Fabulous Photography Gifts They Will Treasure, Make it a Memorable Christmas

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I know some of you will hate me for this, but I’ve been thinking about Christmas for a looooong time now!  I’m going to blame it on “running a business” and “forward planning”, but honestly – yay, Christmas! Now it's 'almost' December I can blog about it!

I think we’re pretty much all making the most of anything we can look forward to, so let’s do Christmas in style. That tends to mean a focus on those you love, and what you can give them this year that they wouldn’t buy for themselves.

A Photographic Session is an Experience They’ll Love

Whether you’re shopping for the workaholic who’d relish the chance to spend time with family, or the grandparents who crave memories and time spent with loved ones – what about a family photoshoot?

It could be fun with props in the studio or a day out somewhere they love, they can choose. And, when you gift a session with me, it will include a selected number of prints so your giftee won’t need to worry about added costs. 

You can choose from packages starting at £95, to find out more about this option, give me a call.

More of what you love

Maybe you’ve had a session, with me or another photographer, not that long ago. I’m guessing (well, it’s not much of a guess because I see it a lot) there may have been images you loved but didn’t purchase – I know, you have to draw the line somewhere!

Now’s the chance to treat your other half to that super-cute image of the puppy you couldn’t justify – or a fabulous picture for their desk.  I can't stress it enough - PRINT YOUR IMAGES.  

Perhaps you’d like to share these gorgeous images with others, share the love!

Whether you choose an image to print, or you prefer to gift with a voucher, make the most of those pictures you love and make give them their time in the spotlight!

The gift of clicking

But what about those who want the joy of creating their own images.

It could be you’re putting together your own wish list or looking for ideas for another budding snapper in your life. How do you know which is the right camera to choose?

Well, this is a very personal choice so I’m not going to give any recommendations, what I’ll do here is give you my top 3 tips, I hope they help.

  1. Stick with what you know
    I like Canon cameras; I find them straightforward and easy to understand so that’s why I stick with Canon. If you’re buying for a Nikon fan, though, I’d definitely recommend you stay with Nikon.
    Obviously, there are other options, I quite like the Olympus too, it’s a great system so - if you don’t already have a favourite - check that out. There’s also a lot of people talking about new Sony offerings, I’ve heard some great things so have a look.
  2. Get it in your hands – or their hands
    Let’s face it, your camera has to feel comfortable and there’s only really one way to know if it does.
  3. What will you be doing with it?
    Obviously you’ll be taking pictures, but think about what the kind of images the camera will be used for. Someone who’s interested in producing intimate macro photos of wildlife and flowers will have different needs than someone taking action shots or broad sweeping landscapes.

Of course, once the camera has been gifted, it’s important that you – or your recipient – get comfortable with it. 

Don’t be scared to check out resources or people to help. I recently spent some time with someone looking to improve their shots, it was great fun to see the confidence growing and I’m looking forward to seeing what he creates!


The countdown has started

The thing is, I honestly believe that some of the greatest gifts we can give are our time and attention - much love from my family to yours. MERRY CHRISTMAS.

(I’d love to be able to help you gift an experience to your loved one, get in touch – I’m always happy to help.)



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