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One of the joys of Spring, for me, is the chance to get out into the sunshine with my camera. (Obviously I take my camera out in the colder months, but I’m less likely to have company when it’s wet and muddy.)

As the weather starts to settle (let’s be positive here!), I can book in your photoshoots with a reasonable expectation of sunshine, so let me tell you how these location shoots work.

Business or Family, This is About Finding Your Place

Firstly, I can be flexible. 

Before any shoot we’ll talk about what it is you want to get out of it, who’s involved, what their needs are and if there are any specific shots you want. We’ll talk about where the shoot should take place – it may be your home, office or property; or it may be a favourite family place, a corporate event – or even afternoon tea?

I know the place is important, but the people are more important. Making you comfortable is an essential part of my job, which means we’ll talk through options for bad weather, we’ll talk about outfits which will look great but be comfortable, if this is for your business – we’ll talk through who hates having their photo taken and how we can keep them happy.

Anyway, this is all just words, let me tell you about a couple of my recent shoots and you’ll see what I mean.

Into the Woods – With the L Family

I love working at Evenley Wood Garden; this is a beautiful space and in Spring the light is stunning.

Of course, there is a risk that it’ll be wet or muddy – so we kept an eye on the forecast and I was able to offer the family reassurance that we could rearrange if the weather made it necessary. There was no need for that though, everything was excellent. (This is actually a fact… another photographer we bumped into agreed it was the perfect location for a perfect family - without prompting! Happy dance.)

With parents, grandparents and the two children, I knew I’d have plenty of opportunities to snap and, I think it’s fair to say, everyone enjoyed it. (Random fact, sometimes the hardest people to please are the parents because they’re too busy worrying… Let me reassure you parents, you don’t worry about how your offspring are behaving on a photoshoot – it’s not your problem. I’ve done this before, and we all know they behave better for other people, right!)

The thing is, a beautiful day with people you love in a gorgeous space is bound to result in stunning photographs – this day did not disappoint. 

Then Down to Work – I went back to school 

Sometimes, it’s about getting into your space, and this is something else.

Having been invited to photograph a local primary school, I had a fantastic opportunity to document everything which makes the school special. 

In some ways, it was very much like any corporate or business photoshoot – we wanted to demonstrate the atmosphere, the facilities and people as well as the locations. In other ways it was quite different – ensuring DBS certification, considering privacy aspects and working with children of course.

Understanding what the school wanted to achieve with the photography was obviously essential – but then, creating the space where we could achieve that while the school day happened around us was a whole other concern.

I love this kind of work, ensuring we’ve got a clear vision and providing the photographs which capture not only a brand but the feelings they inspire – perfect.

Once the school received the images, they were immediately able to use them on social media, and they’ll be updated to their website really soon.

Find Your Happy Space 

Getting out on a location shoot can be incredibly flexible and fun. 

While for certain situations the studio will always make sense, at this time of year it’s great to be able to consider the opportunities afforded by the places which are important to us. 

Why don’t you share your favourite locations, maybe somewhere you’d love to be snapped? And, if you’re inspired to create some of your own incredible images, get in touch – I’d love to help.



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