Your Photoshoot Preparations - Get the Best Photos and Have an Amazing Day

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Simple Steps to Incredible Images

You’ve decided to invest in some professional photos. It’s a great opportunity to capture special moments and you’re looking forward to the images which will make you smile. But are you looking forward to the day itself? For many of us (I admit, I’m including myself) having our photo taken isn’t something we feel particularly positive about. Having the spotlight on ourselves (real or symbolic) can be cringe-inducing, but it doesn’t have to be – and preparation is the key.  

Putting You in the Picture

You’ll only enjoy the experience if you feel confident and comfortable – while it’s my job to do that at the shoot, it helps if you don’t arrive feeling nervous. Let’s talk about what you want.
And even if you don’t know what you want, talking about it before the shoot will help us create a plan together. Having some ideas, knowing what you expect to happen, will take away some nerves – I promise. Choose outfits you look good – and feel great – in.
If you need help choosing, ask someone you trust. 
If you’re going to have group photos, consider whether your outfits will work together; if this is a business shoot, think about your brand colours (you don’t have to wear those colours, but you don’t want to clash with them). And maybe have a change of outfits too. Have “things” which make you happy.  
Particularly if this is a family shoot, entertaining the children will be important. But in any situation, having props around which make your smile – or a have story you can share – will create the atmosphere we want and present you perfectly. How about a pamper?
  Getting your hair done before a shoot is quite normal, how about you take the opportunity to include professional hair and make-up along with your session – that’s a proper pamper. 

Where Will We Go?  Are we indoors or out? Your place or mine? Certainly, someplace special!

My place
, is it the studio you’re after?  
I’ll make you comfortable with everything you need (loo, kettle, settee and toys). We don’t need to worry about the weather, parking is easy and if you let me know beforehand you can bring pets too. For a lot of situations, my studio is the perfect choice.

“Every time I work with Laura, I always feel confident that the end result is going to be more than what I imagined it to be.
Her amazing studio makes me feel very relaxed and at home, and she is always willing to try new, innovative ways to get the perfect photographs for my publicity shots.
Couldn’t recommend enough ☺️ ” Amanda J

“Very professional and friendly service from Laura she makes you feel at ease in her studio, I wouldn’t go anywhere else for studio photos we was so pleased with our family photo and my head shots for my website” Anna P

Your Place.  
Whether it’s your home, work, or somewhere else you’ve chosen, I can bring my camera to you.
  Maybe you’ll feel more comfortable in your own surroundings, or you’d like a location which holds special memories; whatever your reason – you’ll get what you want.
There may be more practicalities to consider when we’re not in the studio – weather, footwear, other people – but we can be flexible if necessary and by talking and planning we can make sure we’re not caught out.

“Had our first photo shoot with Laura yesterday. She is incredibly talented, friendly, professional and is so lovely and kind with the kids making the experience great fun! I highly recommend Laura and will definitely be returning for more photo shoots. Thank you again” Kat M

“I had the most brilliant brand shoot with Laura to update my website and social media photos. We had so much fun at the shoot together, and I cannot tell you how much I adore the finished products. Laura has made me look how I do in my head, but never seem to manage for myself on camera! I'm just delighted - she's amazing, and the whole process was fantastic from start to finish.” Rebecca C

Are you ready?  You see, when you enjoy the process, the photographs are so much better. So my job – apart from pressing the button – is making sure you enjoy the process. (Obviously the button pressing bit is quite important too.) I hope this has helped you feel a little more prepared for your photoshoot – if there’s something you’re unsure about, get in touch – I’d love to help.


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